A Critical Issue: The Flexibility Of The European Electricity System

Coordination among the 43 transmission system operators (TSOs) in Europe is fundamental to the implementation of two of the pillars of the energy Europe: the security of energy supply for European households and the construction of a competitive European electricity market. It is by cooperating and “solidarity” at the pan-European level that TSOs can, for example, overcome a production or transport infrastructure failure in one of their European neighbors. It is also by allowing market players to sell and buy electricity on the electricity exchanges across Europe, that Europe optimizes the use of any power produced in its territories. With a purpose of size:

Tomorrow, with the rapid development of electricity from renewable sources and the increase of cross-border exchanges within the European electricity market, this issue of coordination will be increasingly important to manage the intermittency of production. For example, redirecting surplus production from a country to a territory with a temporary electricity shortage.